Homemade Kombucha

Reading and learning more about how our body works and how we can ensure to have a healthy system, I learned that the digestive organs are a major part of it. For the german readers, I can really recommend the book “Darm mit Charm”, where the author Giulia Enders managed to explain you everything about your digestive system in a funny and understandable way. I know, the topic sounds super boring, I thought so too but as I read her book I got more and more interested and it is amazing what our body is capable doing.

So, and where those the Kombucha comes in all that? First, what is Kombucha? It is fermented Tea. Okay, great. And? During the fermentation, the bacteria culture breaks down the sugar into many different acids, enzymes and vitamins which benefit your body. And as you drink the tea, those bacteria culture also come to your gut, which helps also your already existing gut bacterias.
Fermenting drinks has been a long traditions in our culture. Wine, beer, alcohol, yoghurt. Everything relates to the process of bacteria working over time to break down sugar. Even Kombucha can increase its alcohol content, if you would leave it fermenting over a longer time.

But I want to make fermented tea and not some alcoholic drink 😉 So here is what you need:

1. Kombucha bacteria

Its easy to find those nowadays. Just go to google 😀 But be sure its a certified seller and high quality. For german readers, I recommend this seller since there are already a few fake seller on amazon which don’t offer the right product: click here
With the order, you also get a detailed description of how to make your Kombucha but I will still tell you how to do it roughly, so you know what you have to do and buy.

2. Utilities and ingredients

For the preparation and fermentation you need some kitchen tools:

  • 2L Pot
  • Strainer
  • 1,5L Jar
  • funnel
  • 2x 0,5l flip top bottle
  • Kitchen paper towel and a rubber band
  • Green tea (Quality as high as possible, NO artificial flavors or colors)

3. What to do

This is going to be a rough guideline, just to show you that it is not complicated at all and super easy:

Day 1:
– Heat up 1L of water until its boiling and add the green tea (add the tea in a tea bag)
– Set the stove to lower heat and let  stand for 15-20min
– Add 80-120g sugar and let cool down to room temperature
– Clean your the jar with soap and hot water and be sure that there is no soap left inside the jar
– Pour the tea into the jar and set the Kombucha Mushroom (which you ordered on top the tea
– Cover the jar with a paper towel, fix it with a rubber band and set the jar in a dark warm place e.g. cupboard

Day 5-14:
– Depending how you long you let the fermentation process going, the tea is getting less sweeter with time since the bacteria break down all of the sugar.
– With clean hands, take out the Kombucha mushroom and keep it in a closed glass container in the fridge
– Pour the Tea from the jar into the bottles with he help of a funnel trough a strainer
– Keep it for 2-3 more days in the fridge and its good to drink for 1-2 weeks

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