In November and December 2018, I spent a wonderful time in northern India. It was now my second time in India, but such a different experience compared to 4 years ago. On one hand, the goal and plan during my journey were different and mostly I have changed. I wasn’t there to just check a few things on my bucket list, I went there to deeply experience the culture and get to know the essence of Yoga.

For the Yoga, I booked my first 200 Teacher Training Class at an amazing Yoga School, Chinmay Yoga. I was looking for a School which is in the higher mountains, away from to much tourism and I feel connected to. I the beginning it was quite difficult, to go through the hundreds of school google is offering you (and get paid the most to be on the first page).
As I wanted to join in November, many schools are only open in Goa, where I definitely didn’t want to go. Soon, Dharamshala, which is on the foothill of the Indian Himalayas caught my eye and as a mountain person, I felt that it would be the right place. On top, it is also where his Holiness the Dalai Lama lives in exile and I was curious and eager to learn more about the Tibetian culture. Many schools were already closed but in one blog, I finally found what I was looking for (read my review on Chinmay Yoga).

During the period of the class, I was mostly focused on the practice and what was taught to us. At the 1,5 days off on the weekends, I enjoyed exploring the area by hiking, meeting and talking with people and finding great food (read about my recommendations in Dharamshala)

At the end of the month, I decided to leave and went along the Himalayan foothills to Dehradun, where I attended to my second Vipassana meditations, only this time as a servant. I felt the wish and need, to give thanks to the Indian citizen and culture, for all what they have discovered and are sharing with the western world. It is also a practice for myself, where I learn more about being tolerant, deflate my ego and feel the positive energy of selfless act. I have met many great people and was invited by one of the other servants to a private cultural and culinary tour of Dehradun.

With only three more days left in India, I decided to also check out Rishikesh, which is kind of the Mekka for Yoga in India. Many shops, ashrams, school but also a unique vibe of kind people/tourists and a clean Ganges.

After a long trip to the airport and back home, I am more than happy about my past two months. I remember being torn between working two more months at my former job until I leave for my future service in Guatemala or to take this time to do something, which will be much more beneficial for my physical and mental self. I have learned again more about myself, had many encounters and conversations which enriched myself and my form my future plans and experienced how important it is, to be open-minded when interacting with different cultures and human behaviors.

If you find yourself interested in traveling to one of these places, don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of information. I am more then happy to help you out 🙂