McLeod Ganj and Dehradun

On this site you will find a list of various places I found, explored, experienced, tested and recommend due to many reasons like authenticity, beauty, tastiness, honesty and more.

McLeod Ganj:

  • Fresh and tasty Parathas from one of the happiest persons. She waits with a smile and tasty food 5min walk by foot from the Main Square. Take the road to Naddi, its the one right of the one which goes down to the bus station and follows along a handrail to the left and small shops to the right.
  • Shangrila Vegetarian Restaurant: A place of peace and happiness in the middle of the busy center of Mcleod Ganj. Run by a Tibetan monastery with all types of Tibetan dishes and reasonable prices.


  • Moon Peak Espresso: Missing the western style coffee shop, enjoy listening to Mumford and Sons while having a warm cup of coffee? That’s the place, at least for me. Dishes are quite pricey but its worth to try at least once their Thali


  • Tibet quality bakery: Little street stand with tasty cakes to go. The Magic Cake was my energy bar for my hikes 🙂
  • Recycling Shop: Supporting Tibetan refugees, which are making their diaries and books from recycled paper. Many more nice gifts for your loved ones at home
  • Open heart Cafe: Run by young boys who are always open for a talk and want to learn about the western world. Great view, calm and simple.
  • Lhamos Croissant: Happy and friendly family restaurant, which was sometimes my evening retreat for a nice cup of tea and a tasty piece of cake. Quite pricey tho.



Places where my friend Parth took me, to get the best experience of the food culture in Dehradun.

  • Kumar Chaat: His place where he goes since a little child for Golgappas, a typical Indian street snack. The taste of the combination of the sauces is something you won’t find anywhere.
  • Kumar Sweet Shop: The place to try and taste all the difference Indian sweets. Just to much for one day but just follow your gut ;). Tried their “ice-cream” called Kulfi Falooda and loved the cashew sweet called Kaju barfi.


  • Angeethi Momos: Started first in Dehradun, grilled Momos. Many varieties and a firework of flavors inside your mouth!