Sourdough bread

I just love the documentaries on Netflix about cooking. One, which really fascinated was the episode “Air” of the show “Cooked”. I mentioned it already in one of my posts, how we lost more and more our connection to what we eat and how also that natural and simple product got more complex and processed. For example, just look at the list of ingredients at the supermarket of so super fresh and “healthy” bread.

Due to that, I did some research about baking my own bread (literally 😉 and found this awesome website:

Here you will find all informations about the process, benefits and instructions about bread and here you see the result 🙂

It takes some time to prepare everything, from creating your starter (5 days), the mixing und folding (4h) the proving of the leaven (8-12h) and baking (1-1,5h) but the result is totally worth it. The smell, the taste and just the feeling at the end as you eat some pieces of the bread that yourself just made this piece with 100% natural ingredients and 0% artificial flavors or preservatives.

Have a taste of nature!