Day 2 (Pasaia – Donostia): I love the rain most

After a good sleep, I made breakfast on the terrace below the roof. It rained. Fresh air, cloudy sky, and wet trails. I sat outside enjoying watching the rain fall while eating my warm porridge.

One after another left the place and as for last, I left as well after saying thank you and goodbye to our lovely host.

I didn’t feel like hiking on. I knew san Sebastian is only 1-2hours further and I had the whole day. Pasaia has a big bay and most people cross it thanks to a ferryman by boat. It reminded me of the book “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. A novel of a spiritual journey of life, self-awareness, acceptance and enlightenment. The young men found his master in the ferryman on his travel who lived the end of life bringing people from onshore to the other. A simple and happy life.

I thanked the ferrymen, a middle-aged black man, and continued towards the town center to find a coffee shop to write in my diary and thinking about where I want to go next. Randomly, I ran again into the German girl and she told me, the trail along the coast is closed due to the weather. Well, one decision less I have to make and after some time in the cafe, I left and walked along the street towards San Sebastian.

No rain fall as I walked. The fresh air, stronger then a thousand espresso, make me feel awake. A man, asking for money. I waked by, hesitated, turned around, invited him into the bakery at the corner and bought him what he wished to eat.
I continued. I stopped at the traffic light, the rain started to pour. A women next to me offered to walk with her beneath the umbrella. We walked for 5min till our paths separated. I continued, the rain stopped.

We make thousands of decisions every day. We are aware of a few and the rest we decide unconsciously. With open eyes, a healthy mind and graceful hearth, every decisions will bring us forward. Forward on our path of life, the search of our self and truthful happiness.

I arrived at San Sebastian and stopped at a culture center to fill up my water. Since the weather stays cloudy and cold, I asked for a recommendation for a museum. The San Telmo (Basque Culture Museum) is the biggest in San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque language) with a permanent exhibition of the Basque history and at that time an exhibition of the history of photography in photo books. Both, very informative and inspiring.

After the visit, I used the wifi to find a place to stay overnight. I checked the local Couch surfer hosts and found an exchange student from Chile. Since I still had time to walk through town, I explored the old town with its hundreds of alleys. Getting hungry, I checked the local recommendations for organic (maybe even vegan food) and found an awesome restaurant. Located in an old house with a beautiful garden, they served all kind of Mediterranean food. One of the best hummus I had so far.

After lunch I went to my host for the night. She was very welcoming and after I finally had my shower, we joined her roommates in town for ice cream and a short city tour. I was lucky, Thursday evening, the “Mercado de San Martin” has a live music with his little stand offering pintxos (tapas in Basque) and wine. It was a very fun night with them and a nice alternation to the usual hiker/pilgrim evening 🙂