Day 4 (Zarautz to Deba): Time is relative

I woke up early and enjoyed the silence in the hostel before everyone gets up. My morning routine became more and more continuous. Brushing my teeth, meditating and writing in my diary.

As I checked on my phone, I got a message from my host in Donostia, that I forgot my rain jacket. I also received a confirmation to stay with another couchsurfer in a small town called Mendaro, 10km further. I decided to take the train to Donostia and back, to pick up my jacket and then continue from Zarautz along the coast to Deba, from where I can take again the train to Mendaro.

The Public transport system in Basque Country is very well developted and you can get anywhere with the train/bus for just a few Euros. Since hitch hiking is quite difficult in spain, it makes it much more convienient to adapt your travell plans in case you want to save some time. Since I want to take my time on the trail and being in a rush to reach Bilbao in time, it helped to live day by day.

Back to Donostia, I walked to the girls apartment and picked up my jacket. Since that had a little party the night before, I accidentally woke them up (SORRRYYY!!!). In my defense, it was already 11am but I remembered one funny story when I was a student.
A friend planned to pick me up at 1pm, to drive together home for the weekend. I was out the night before, definitely had to much to drink and woke up to the sound of my doorbell. I stumble to the door, opened the door and saw my friend. She started to laugh and I realized how late it was and said: “Damned, I missed class in the morning”! She ordered me to get a shower and waited until I was ready to leave.

Back in Zarautz, I wandered to the coast and followed a trail up the hill. It was again, a beautiful day, with pleasant temperatures and a soft breeze. After an hour, I reached Zumaia, a cute town with a small old town. I decided to follow an alley to the coast and got surprised by a view I didn’t expect.


I got a glimpse and the information about what I am going to see the next stretch: the Flysch. Flysch is a sedimentary rock formed by the alternate deposition of thin layers of silt and sandstone, found near shorelines that were rapidly experiencing changes in sea level. In northern Spain, it stretches from Zumaia to Deba, the next section for the day. Back on the trail, I passed as before many cute farmhouses. The section was again easy to walk and in the afternoon, at low tide, I reached the first viewpoints.


I thought about staying and camp here but I had already the confirmation by another Couchsurfer, Juan. He was super friendly and planned to take me out with his friends and I did not want to cancel. So I continued to Deba and had two short steep climbs to pass, which at the end offered another spectacular view.


As I arrived in Deba I went to the train station, since there was no trail to get to Merdano and I would not be there on time. Juan picked me up at the station and after showing me his huge place, we had a nice talk about his work as becoming a doctor. I could have done this closer to his home in Barcelona but wanted to see something new and signed in to a small local hospital. He wanted the calmness, being close to the people and get to know the patients. The night we met with a group of young adults he knew from a friend. It was interesting to learn about the social culture since they all grew up together and stayed friends since then. Most of the groups are like and they don’t really mix up.

Laying in my own bed, I thought about my group of friends, which definitely changed through my whole life. But still, there are a few souls, which I care a lot about and carry in my heart which stayed with me the whole time. Friends from youth, friends I made during studying in Munich, many from my time in Hamburg and of course from traveling around the world. They all were there in a specific part of my life and the closest is still here. This is special because I also changed a lot throughout my life. We are not friends because of what we did during this time, we are friends because we share the same values. Values of compassion, listening and helping each other, love for each other, acceptance and joy of life. I am grateful for all friends who were there one time and those who are still here.