Day 5 (Deba – coast): Everything is transient, enjoy every moment because it is unique

I woke up in the guest room in my own queen size bed. I embraced the comfort, super soft pillows and blankets and not having the share a room or sleep in a squeaky bunk bed. After my cold morning shower, I prepared breakfast for Juan and me. After a nice talk by apple porridge and coffee, we took a selfie together, which he prints out on a portable Polaroid printer. He used to print them out and stick them in his diary. I get one as well for mine.

“Thank you very much for your great hospitality Juan. You have an honest and warm soul and I thank Couchsurfing that we have met!”

I took the train back the Deba to continue on the trail west along the coast. During the first minutes, my mind switches back and forth if I should continue, wondering what the trail offers me on this section or return to the Flysch, were I wanted to camp last night. I stand still for minutes, my body still but my mind extremely unsettled. I dropped my pack, sat down and closed my eyes. Breath in, breath out, concentrate on your breath, the movement of your chest. One, breathe in, Two breathe out, Three breathe in, Four breathe out . . .
After around ten minutes, I opened my eyes again, lifted my pack and continued walking, back.

In my clear mind, I knew I wanted to return to the place from yesterday. I walked again trough Deba, this time walking on the street along the coast up the hill. My view was constantly overlooking the ocean as a group of 3 women caught my attention. They were doing Yoga on the beach in a separate little bay. Since I haven’t done my practice today, my mind strayed again if I should go down and ask if I could join. What would they think, maybe they say no, maybe yes? I realized quickly it makes no sense to wonder, so I followed down the stairs to the beach, walked over and asked friendly with a smile if I could join. The one who leads the course looked first a bit confused but as she realized I was interested to join (her English was not so good) she openly invited me to join.

After the practiced, we had time to talk and they were, of course, curious what I am doing here and where I am from. As they heard that I am just here for my short vacation and I am from Germany, they were a bit less interested 😀 At the end I was thankful that I  could join them and for myself, that I stopped overthinking actions and outcomes and just do!

In the afternoon I arrived at the spot I wanted to stop the day before, thinking about how different I am from the person I was the day before. Having met new persons, having great conversation, learning about my self to stop for a second when my thoughts are like a carousel, spinning around in my head and distract my mind from what my real needs and wishes are.


I spent the whole afternoon at the bottom until the high tide came. The transitoriness of the time present in every moment. Surfers relate this as well to the waves they are riding. Each one is unique, every ride is different from its past and future. I watch the waves building up, rolling in, breaking and disappear. I found a little cave where I set down and meditate.

In my thoughts, I focus for a while on my surrounding habitat, the contact of my feet on the moist sand, the fresh breeze flowing over my skin and the smooth sound of the ocean.
When I feel grounded with the place and moment, I shift my mind to the breath. Being aware that, like the waves, each breath it unique and transient and to enjoy and be aware of every second.
I start to feel grateful for each moment now and back in my life. Times when I was able to see beauty in nature. I feel deep gratidude that I have the health and freedom to travel. Times when I was together with people who I love and care a lot about. Thinking also ahead, that I dont want to waste time and energy to feel angry.

(Nelsons) Rolihlahla Mandela answered after his realeas of prison on the question why he is not bitter: “Well, I hate oppression. And when I think of the past the type of things they did, I feel angry. You have a limited time to stay on earth. You must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country.”

In my case, transforming my life and the world to a better place.

“I am sitting on the coast and watch the waves rolling in, one after another. Unique like a snowflake. Connected, all over the world through the natural connection of the ocean. ONE and TOGETHER. This flash of a moment, unique as well, shared with souls on the other side of the ocean. ONE and TOGETHER”

Home for a night