Taste of Nature

I don’t only want to spent time in nature, I want to have the full taste of it.

For a many years now, I have been eating what is generally called a healthy diet, avoiding mostly processed foods and lots of sugar when its not necessary. During hiking the PCT I thought, as almost every hiker I thought as well: “Im hiking every day with my heavy backpack, I can eat whatever I want and I MUST consume lots of calories”. I started the “burger traiL” to find the best burger on trail and never really thought about what my body really needs.

Surprisingly or maybe not?, I gained weight, even after the sierras. So, maybe that approach wasn’t the right one, for me. And those last two words are so extremely important. Everybody is unique, your characters, your tiny little mistakes which makes you special but also how your body works.

While I was hiking and since the time back home, I started to take more interest into a plant based lifestyle. I also used the word lifestyle and not diet, since it is also not only the diet, it is about how you live your life. The growing/farming of foods in a plant based diet have the lowest CO2 footprint, need low amount of resources, high density of nutrients and you can you can of course grow most of the food by yourself.
Beside that, a plant based diet has many beneficial effects on your body and next to taking care of the earth, it should be on the second place. I my eyes, it also connects me with more with our world, since it came directly from it, without any process in between. Like a present from earth to us for hopefully taking good care of it.

So, and what will you find here?

  • Homemade, seasonal, tasty and nutritious recipes and some cooking advice
  • Links to studies, websites, podcasts and articles
  • Benefits of certain plant based food
  • My own experience and actions living a plant based lifestyle

And to start with, you will already find some recipes 🙂

Have a taste of nature!

Various Plant Based Meals, cooked with different methods